It is important that the place you live, work or hang out in makes you feel confortable. But as you change as a person, as a family or as work group, so does your environment.

If it’s about your home, you may want to change the rooms around or pimp up your balcony for example. If it’s about your office, you might want to reorganize it to acomodate more people or to bring it up to date.

But you want a “clean job” – no mess, no breaking down; just rearanging, moving around or simply lighten up the mess. It doesn’t always take a lot to keep it up with your new self. We deliver fresh ideas, take care of custom made furniture and come up with the latest in work environments.

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In some situations, whether you have lived in the same place you are attached to, you are moving into a nice old flat, or are looking to remodel a loft, just moving stuff around or redecorating just doesn’t do the job. Technically upgrading certain areas of your house or new office space will bring you more comfort, less money spent on energy and maintenance bills and a plus in style.

Upgrading the thermal and sound insulation, towards the outside or between internal areas, introducing new sanitary facilities or modernizing your kitchen, repartitioning a large space, adapting an area for older people or rendering it more accessible – these are some of the options that you have at hand. It gets a bit messy but doesn’t need tearing down structural elements and lots of paperwork.

Aside your own comfort these jobs also raise the value of the space affected making it more attractive to sell or rent out. We provide you with the more sustainable solutions and the more efficient ways to improve your facilities in an elegant fashion.

IDEAS we like


If you have an unused or odd space at hand or the possibility to acquire one it can prove to be a very exciting opportunity for creating a new living area or working environment. It may be small, like an attic, a shed or a garage around your home, or more substantial like a former warehouse or production building.

Most of the times you need to bring in or replace structural elements, introduce specific utilities and restore both outside and inside parts like roofs and walls. You need to weigh the possibilities but it can well prove to be the more efficient and cost effective and full of character option.

You can turn an attic into a new lounge or into a home office, a garage into a hobby room or a big shed into a guesthouse. You may turn an old house into high-end office space or even decide to open that special bakery you have always dreamt of. The possibilities are endless.

We will assist you with assessing the options and with bringing out the most practical and exciting blend between the old and new.

IDEAS we like


IDEAS we like


To build a new home is a journey of discovery. It’s a chance for you to define your relationship to the world, to your family and to yourself. Creating a home is more than building a “two-storey -house for three with a garage and swimmingpool.” It is so much more than the sum of a few parts. Because you are unique so should your house be.

When building from scratch you need to tackle several aspects, whic are often less complicated and more straight forward than when working with an existung building. For example the compromises you have to make due to what is already there are less. So be prepared to let yourself wish.

But having less constraints may make you a bit uneasy. To help you get an idea of some basic steps and get you involved, check out this link to our Blog.

Having us along means you will have a more enjoyable, more enriching and overall better journey. The crucial ingredient of the collaboration is concern, care for how the house is built.



Every child deserves the most beautiful room in the house. That is where memories are made. Also good design should not stop at the door of their room. We can help you make an imaginative room for your kids that is in tone with wour sense of style.

We know that when it comes to their rooms, the experts are the kids themselves. Whether a child of 3 or a teenager, whether it’s one or more siblings the rooms should reflect their personalities. So we think of things like kids – playful, accessible, fun. But we also know that they change their mind, that they grow up. So we think of things like adults – functional, flexible, safe. 

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